Ramadan Peace Offer: A Time of Reflection and Asset Consolidation

Ramadan peace offer

In this holy month of Ramadan 🌙 , Adron Homes is delighted to present you the ‘Ramadan Peace Offer’, a unique opportunity for you to secure a piece of the future with significant savings.

Ramadan is a time of reflection, prayer, and community. In this spirit, Adron Homes extends a hand of generosity with an offer that not only provides a chance to invest in real estate but also brings joy to your family with special gifts.

🛒 Ramadan Peace Offer: Unprecedented Savings on Real Estate

Secure a full plot of land with a 40% discount and spread the balance over 24 months. With an initial deposit of just ₦200,000, you will receive a Ramadan provisions pack right at your doorstep, bringing the festive spirit into your home.

🖐️ Ramadan Peace Offer: Flexible Payment Options for Every Budget

For those seeking flexibility, we offer a 30% discount on a full plot with the balance spread over 36 months. This comes with an array of amazing gifts to enhance your Ramadan celebrations.

🎁 Gifts Galore: Your Purchase Brings You More

Choose from a variety of gifts when you make your payment:

  • Pay ₦50,000: Receive a pack of Noodles OR a Rechargeable lamp.
  • Pay ₦100,000: Get a pack of Evaporated Milk, a Pack of Juice OR a Rice Cooker.
  • Pay ₦200,000: Enjoy a pack of Evaporated Milk, a Pack of Juice, a Pack of Beverages OR a Home Theatre.
  • Pay ₦500,000: Receive a pack of Evaporated Milk, a Pack of Juice, and a Pack of beverages with a food hamper OR a Bedside Fridge.
  • Pay ₦1,000,000: Get a pack of Evaporated Milk, a Pack of Juice, a pack of beverages, a food hamper & 50kg Rice OR a 4 Face Burner.
  • Pay ₦3,000,000: Choose between a shopping voucher OR a Double Deck Refrigerator with a dispenser.

⏳ An Exclusive Opportunity Awaits

This Ramadan, don’t miss the chance to invest in your future while enjoying the blessings of the season. Reach out with a direct message and secure your dream home with Adron Homes today!

🏡✨ Your Dream Properties Awaits This Ramadan ✨🏡

Celebrate this Ramadan with a wise acquisition and delightful gifts from Adron Homes. For more information and to take advantage of the ‘Ramadan Peace Offer’, contact us now. Let’s make this Ramadan a memorable one with a new beginning in your very own home. 🤗🕌

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