Emirates Park & Gardens Phase 2(Ocean View Estate)

It is a newly acquired estate, a continuation of our prestigious Ocean view Estate. Our Emirates Park & Gardens is located at Badary, Lagos few minutes from Badagry Heritage Museum. Estates and other Landmarks within the neighbourhood include First Story Building , Badagry Slave and Black History Museum, Mobee Palace and a host of many Historical...

Rehoboth Park and Gardens Phase 2 Extension 2

Our Rehoboth Park & Gardens is located at Ibeju-Lekki after Eleko junction, a few minutesfrom La Champagne and 15 minutes’ drive from the prestigious Lekki Free Trade Zone. Estates and other Landmarks within the neighborhood include Amen Estate, FederalGovernment Teacher’s Estate, Lagos State Golf Course, Free Trade Zone, Cargo PortConstruction, Seaport Construction, La Champagne Tropicana Beach...

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