Mangifera Series

Mangifera Series

Our Mangifera homes series are located in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. It is one of amazing home series, located at the popular Manhattan Parks and Gardens estate along Abuja-Nassarawa Express way in Karu. They equally just as similar to our other home series built, ranging from 2 bedroom to 5 bedroom homes, to provide shelter in tranquil.

2 Bedroom

2Bedroom Terrace – 16.5M (Fully Furnished), 10M (Carcass) – As low as 166,666 monthly for 5Years

2Bedroom Bungalow (Half-Plot) – 20M (Fully Furnished), 12M (Carcass) – As low as 200,000 monthly for 5Years

3 Bedroom

3 Bedroom Apartment
30 (FullyFurnished), 20M (Carcass) – As low as 333,333 monthly for 5 years

3 Bedroom Monoplex
(Half Plot) – 22M (Carcass) – As low as 366,666 monthly for 5 years

3 Bedroom Detached With Pent House
40m (Fully Furnished), 25m (Carcass) As low as 416,666 monthly for 5Years

4 Bedroom

4 Bedroom Semi Detached 
35m (Carcass) – As low as N583,333 monthly for 5 years

4 Bedroom Monoplex 
40m (Carcass) – As low as N666,666 monthly for 5 years

5 Bedroom

5 Bedroom Monoplex – 45M (Carcass) – As low as 750,000 monthly for 5 years

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