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Adron Homes Introduces Strong Love Promo

Adron Homes is proud to introduce Strong Love Promo 2023! We are here to help you show how strong your love is for your partner, family, and even yourself with the Strong Love Promo. 

This offer includes discounts on landed property in all our estates while enjoying amazing gifts too! Enjoy a 30% discount payable in 36 months with a Gift OR a 40% discount payable in 24 months without a Gift. The requirements for initial deposit payments and their gift items are given below:

Initial Deposits and Gifts:

  • Make an initial deposit of 50k and you will get your choice of one of the following: Cake, Pack of Juice or Power Bank.
  • Pay 100k and get a Cake and pack of Juice OR Bluetooth Speaker.
  • Pay 200k and get a Cake with love hamper OR Bedside Fridge.
  • Pay 500k and get a Cake, Love Hamper, and buffet for 2 OR Four face burners + microwave OR Android phone OR 6×6 mattress + 2 pillows.
  • Pay 1 million and get a SPA treat, lodging for a night in a prestigious hotel, cake and love hamper OR get Kitchen combo (Microwave + Air Fryer+ Water Dispenser + Blender + toaster) OR Laptop.

For more than 10 years, Adron Homes has built its reputation on quality, integrity and innovation. We are committed to providing excellent customer service that meets the needs of our homeowners and builders throughout all our estates.

This is an excellent opportunity to gain property value at a discounted rate! So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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