Valentine Promo 2017

Valentine Promo 2017
January 31, 2017 adron-admin

Dear prospective investors, land and home owners, Valentine season is upon us. A time to show love and give gifts to the beautiful people in our lives, those we truly care about. What more could better a long-lasting gift that generations would always remember and be grateful about. An almost perfect gift that doesn’t depreciate nor impair; Real Estate. The out-gone Christmas season was a beautiful one for most homes as the recently season brought so many people gift they’ve dreamt of all of their lives. Santa ensured the delivery via our just concluded Lemon Friday Promo. We had tons of people subscribing to our different product suites, as it was one of the best gifts Santa had in its offing.

Over the holidays however, just after the Lemon Friday promo came to an end, professional estate valuers came visiting all of our estates and we did ask them for a revaluation of our current assets. After the exercise, it was found that they have increased by not less than 50%. I mean, a whopping 50%! This meant that all subscribers into our estates just got a 50% increase on the value of their original investments with us. Wouldn’t you rather be a part of such!?
Since the new increments came, we have had a whole lot of prospects call in to want to be a part of our products, the fastest growing real estate development company in Nigeria. The calls inadvertently brought about the ADRON LEMON de Val Promo.

The ADRON Lemon De Val Promo is a special promo offer for the valentine season and we are giving away as much as 20% off our current rates for single prospects who’d like to be a part of any of our portfolio and as much as 30% off those who’d be paying outright on any of our lands or couples plannning to subscribing at the venue of our Lemon De Val Promo party in either Lagos or Abuja.



Amazingly, on a minimum payment of as low as N200,000, subscribers get

  3. Plus, a FREE TICKET TO OUR LEMON DE VAL PROMO PARTY (details to come later)

What else are you waiting for?

With all these bountiful offers, which I am definitely certain you can’t get from anywhere else, make this Valentine season a memorable one for you and your loved ones. SUBSCRIBE NOW and join the list of satisfied home owners with us.

Celebrate your loved one with the truest of gifts. LET US MAKE A HOME FOR YOUR LOVE…….
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