The Next DGMD

The Next DGMD
June 25, 2018 adron-admin

The Next DGMD is a monthly event which rewards exceptional staff of Adron Homes and Properties. These staff are referred to as The Incredible 12. They are passionate, fast and furious, smart, diligent, flexible and are ready to make history in exciting ways.


Out of this twelve, the best among the best will emerge the Next DGMD. The next Deputy Group Managing Director will step out in style, fashion, and incredibly, to take charge for the next 30 days. He/she will evolve, emerge to take charge the duties of the GMD.

The DGMD will have the rare opportunity to hold meetings with the Regional Chief Operating Officers and other Group Heads of Adron Group. The DGMD will also represent the GMD of Adron Homes in public functions in Abuja, Lagos, Ogun, Ibadan and even Internationally.

This exercise is to appreciate staff who are dedicated, willing to subdue all hindrances, full of energy to shake the unshakable, willing to go the extra mile,to stretch beyond their comfort zone (breaking point). When you work, then you need to rest.



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