#Lemonfriday; Going……Going……

#Lemonfriday; Going……Going……
March 29, 2018 adron-admin

Within a calendar year, Adron Homes and Properties would always give out different discounts and promo offers to celebrate varying beautiful seasons in our lives. We are determined and committed to our mission of creating and make available affordable housing products(lands and houses) for the general populace at very affordable rates, who can then flexibly make payments for as much as 60months. From Lagos to Abuja, our properties are available to be acquired at discounted rates. Amongst these seasons however, the #LemonFriday promotional season trumps them all.

#LemonFriday time is that beautiful season from Adron Homes & Properties where sell our lands and homes at highly discounted rates whilst still giving beautiful and mouthwatering gifts to our subscribers. Patterned after the popular Black Friday sales with a longer sales period of three months, simply put it as our way of saying Hakuna Matata to the world and making home ownership dreams in Nigeria come true. The 2015 #lemonFriday promo was wow with over 3000 new landlords and home owners joining our portfolio.

Well, that is gone and now. It is #2016 LemonFriday Promo season. With over 1000 subscribers already and counting, join the happy home owners and landlords we already have in our portfolio this promo season. We are giving out a whooping 15% discount on all our lands, whilst affording you the chance to affordably pay the balance by spreading it over 12months at Zero(0)% interest rate, and a 3days ALL EXPENSE PAID Dubai trip for Subscribers into our Treasure Series Homes or Magnifera Homes.

The #LemonFriday 2016 train is moving around town and coming to you in a short while. Here are a few pictures from our ongoing creative advert train around town so far.


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