#Lemonfriday 2016

#Lemonfriday 2016
October 27, 2016 adron-admin

Oh, look, Christmas is just around the corner…that didn’t excite you as much?? Uuurrgh!!.

I get that the economy appears tough. Now, calculations are all over our heads about what to do with the little savings we’ve been able to make over the year. 17.6% inflation isn’t even helping matters in the market. The bag of rice you used to stock at home is now looking like a pot of gold. Can’t even talk about Turk…… did i just not hear you say “noooo don’t finish it!”

Well, remember that plot of land you’ve been hoping to buy and have been saving for? LOL…i guessed right i suppose. Quick memory lane trip back to the Economics classes; opportunity cost! Current total savings can’t cover a bag of rice, turkey and hamper for the family and yet present your partner with that land purchase receipt.


Repeat after me, #LemonFriday!

That wasn’t confident enough, put your right hand on your chest and please say #LemonFriday!!!

Yes, #lemonfriday is that beautiful season from Adron Homes, where we make your year culminate on a high note.We primarily make people landlords and homes owners at highly discounted rates, whilst enjoying different mouthwatering gifts from us.

Our 2016 #lemonfriday promo will land you that plot of land you’ve been saving for at 15% lesser than the original cost, get you a bag of rice, a luxury hamper bag and a live turkey in your home, all for less than that amount you have saved up.

How? Did you not just ask that?

Just make a minimum payment of not less than #200,000 and let’s make all these dreams come true. Santa came in early this year!

Hurry to any of our offices close to you or SUBSCRIBE NOW



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