Lemon Friday 2016 Storm

Lemon Friday 2016 Storm
October 13, 2016 adron-admin

The Lemon Friday train kickstarted already and its waves is sweeping round major cities near you.

From now till December we are painting the whole Nation lemon with our #lemonfriday hashtags and promo offerings, which will climax into the biggest party of the year, the lemon friday party. A day to celebrate our new subscribers, clients, investors and the general populace the Lemon way. Hence, do not fret when come across the #lemonfriday trend.

This is the Adron Homes way of saying Hakuna Matata to everyone. Be rest assured you ALWAYS WIN WITH US. Forget your worries this season, let us jolificate together.
One Major key alert, while this lemon Friday promo is ongoing, we would run a Happy Hour promo …shhh!!!(you heard it from here first).

What exactly is this Happy Hour promo?

Within certain hours of selected days, we will sell lands and houses at ridiculous low rates, but only for instant outright subscribers. This happy hour promo will run concurrently with our Lemon Friday promo, and doesn’t change the beautiful offer of the Lemon Friday promo.

Count the Happy hour promo as Instant Jara.

Our Lemon Friday promo for Lands still come with the following on a minimum payment of #200,000 on any of our lands;

15% discounton the original price of any land of your choice without our estates.
Big bag of Rice
Luxury hamper
Live Turkey


While on our homes;

For 50% down payment on any of our homes, you get a FREE, ALL EXPENSE PAID TRIP to Dubai for yourself and a loved one. Yes, you heard me right..all expense paid trip between 26th – 30th of December.

Just before you go reaching for that cheque book, wait for the big one,

For 100% outright payment on our homes, you get an ALL EXPENSE PAID TRIP FOR FOUR to Dubai. So what are you waiting for?

SUBSCRIBE  and join the long list of happy home owners with Adron Homes.


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