Lemon Friday 2016; Homes & Lands Best Deals

Lemon Friday 2016; Homes & Lands Best Deals
November 14, 2016 adron-admin

If you are considering investing or saving money away this season, there is no better place to be than Real Estate. Investment experts premised on financial wisdom would always agree with the fact that Real Estate Investment is the best way to diversify, and bring in amazing returns on investment. NOW, while lemonFriday is on, is the best time to buy away whilst watching it appreciate.



At Adron Homes and properties, the trusted Housing Experts in affordable Real Estate Development in Nigeria, you’d certainly get amazing Return on investments with us. Our properties offer you profound peace with regards to the serene environments, infrastructure and amenities made available within the Estate and surrounding environs. From our Rehoboth Park and Gardens estate, Ibeju-Lekki, which is 10minutes drive away from the Prestigious Free Trade Zone, to Treasure Park and Garden Estate series that is behind the popular Redemption Camp, to our Town Park and Gardens estate which is few minutes drive away from Caleb university in Imota, Ikorodu, to our Manhattan Park and Garden estate, 30mins away from the Abuja Central Business district, few out of our many estates, you are guaranteed appreciable returns on your Investment with us.



With a massive 15% discount on our Lands, accompanied by a BIG Bag of Rice and Luxury Christmas Hamper on purchase OR a FREE 3-Days all-Expense paid trip to Dubai on minimum deposit of 50% value on our homes, Lemonfriday Promo season at Adron Homes is the best window opportunity to own a property with us. You get to become the Landlord and home owner you have always dreamt about at almost no cost, while still getting sumptuous gifts enough to share with Friends and family around. You can SUBSCRIBE NOW to acquire a plot in any of the estates today and enjoy the accompanying promo gifts with as low as #200,000 naira initial deposit, while the rest will be spread over a 12months period. Take charge of the future in the present……invest in the future comfortably.

For more information, please visit www.adronhomesproperties.com


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